Link Between Japanese Barberry and Lyme Disease

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Re: Link Between Japanese Barberry and Lyme Disease

Post by dbhguru » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:34 am


The example of Quabbin always brings up a host of issues and problems. It is hard for me to be objective about Quabbin forest management (and more to the point, mismanagement), but the recent results of the scientific advisory group for Quabbin, which I think is a big proponent of early successional habitat, largely avoided all its negatives. For example, I don't recall anything being said about ticks in the Quabbin study. Nor do I recall any mention of the magnitude of the invasive problem. From their study, you'd never know that it exists. Interesting.

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Re: Link Between Japanese Barberry and Lyme Disease

Post by Joe » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:41 am

Bob, right! And, that advisory group dismissed the suggestion by David Foster (Harvard Forest Director) that the Quabbin be a reserve with their usual rationalization that it's imperative to manage the forest to make it resilient. Of course, as a forester for 40 years, I like good forestry- and if they did great forestry there the past decade, at a modest level, I wouldn't have a problem with it continuing, but they didn't do great forestry (at least on some sections- other sections were much better). Though I like great forestry- I also like umanaged forests- we need both. It's not even the bad work that bothers me the most- it's their crazy propaganda which hurts all forestry in the eyes of really intelligent people.

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