Europe vs. the eastern US - comparing tree heights

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Re: Europe vs. the eastern US - comparing tree heights

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Dec 21, 2020 10:29 am

I did some updating, added some species, and and added some subgroups.

Europe Eastern United States

A.Nordmanniana 198.5' 60.5m A. balsamea 108.7' 33.1m
A. pseudoplatanus 139.4' 42.5m A. saccharum 144.2' 43.9m
A. glutinosa 129.6' 39.5m A serrulata 47.0' 14.3m
B. pendula 119.4' 36.4m B. lenta 121.3' 37.0m
C. betulus 112.8' 34.4m C. caroliniana 77.3' 23.5m
C. australis 80.4' 24.5m C. laevigata 133.6' 40.7m
C. siliquastrum 45.6' 13.9m C. canadensis 66.2' 20.2m
C. sanguinea 24.0' 7.2m C. florida 60.1' 18.3m
C. avellana 49.9' 15.2m C. americana 18.6' 5.6m
C. monogyna 60.3' 18.4m C. mollis 46.3' 14.1m
F. sylvatica 167.3' 51.0m F. grandifolia 143.2' 43.6m
F. alnus 24.0' 7.2m F. caroliniana 35.8' 10.9m
F. excelsior 166.0' 50.6m F. nigra 120.0 36.5m (fraxinus sub)
F. excelsior 166.0' 50.6m F. americana 167.1' 50.9m (all ash)
I. aquifolium 72.1' 22.0m I. opaca 106.2' 32.3m
J. thurifera 69.2' 21.1m J. virginiana 102.1' 31.1m
L. decidua 176.5' 53.8m L. laricina 131.6' 40.1m
M. sylvestris 70.2' 21.4m M. angustifolia 56.1' 17.1m
P. abies 205.7' 62.7m P. rubens 155.3' 47.3m
P. nigra 155.5' 47.4m P. taeda 172.3' 52.5m (hard pines)
P. sibirica 95.5' 29.1m P. strobus 207.0' 63.1m (soft pines)
P. orientalis 137.8' 42.0m P. occidentalis 165.5' 50.4m
P. alba 148.9' 45.4m P. grandidentata 126.5' 38.5m
P. nigra 142.4' 43.4m P. deltoides 161.7' 49.3m
P. avium 129.9' 39.6m P. serotina 153.3' 46.7m
Q. petraea 158.8' 48.4m Q. montana 153.6' 46.8m (white oaks)
Q. petraea 158.8' 48.4m Q. pagoda 160.2' 48.8m (all oaks)
S. alba 113.5' 34.6m S. nigra 125.6' 38.3m
A. aucuparia 77.1' 23.5m S. americana 56.1' 17.1m
T. x europaea 152.5' 46.5m T. heterophylla 153.2' 46.7m
U. glabra 144.3' 44.0m U. rubra 142.5' 43.4m

I also have some comparisons involving one native and one non-native species crossing the Atlantic. The non-natives are much smaller in numbers but some are rather surprising. I'll start with a hybrid that goes way back.

Europe Eastern United States origin

P. x acerifolia (hispanica) 168.3' 51.3m 146.4' 44.6m Europe
A. platanoides 124.3' 37.9m 122.0' 37.2m US
Q. palustris 139.4' 42.5m 136.4' 41.6m US
C. Illinoinensis 157.5' 48.0m 141.1' 43.0m US
L. decidua 176.5' 53.8m 146.0' 44.5m Europe
A. balsamea 108.2' 33.0m 108.7' 33.1m US
P. deltoides 122.7' 37.4m 161.7' 49.3m US
P. abies 205.7' 62.7m 150.5' 45.9m Europe
C. dentata 121.0' 36.9m 90.5' 27.6m US
U. laevis 118.1' 36.0m 125.0' 38.1m Europe
J virginiana 85.3' 26.0m 102.1' 31.1m US

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Re: Europe vs. the eastern US - comparing tree heights

Post by KoutaR » Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:21 am

Thanks for updates, Brian!

Where you got 42.5m for Acer pseudoplatanus from? I am aware of 41,5 m only.

Could you give the references for these American trees:
Crataegus mollis - 46.3'
Quercus palustris - 136.4'
Carya illinoiensis - 157.5'


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Re: Europe vs. the eastern US - comparing tree heights

Post by bbeduhn » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:37 pm

The Acer pseudoplatanus is the same tree as the 41.5m. It was measured previously, by Sisley to 42.5m, and then Karlheinz measured it to 41.5m. It is in the Foret Dominiale de Ribeauville, France.

46.3' 14.11m downy hawthorn Crataegus mollis Belle Isle, MI USA Doug Bidlack

Pecan at the Jardines del principe, Aranjuez, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain 48m Marc Meyer

136.5’ 41.60m pin oak Quercus palustris DeSoto NF, MS USA Larry Tucei

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