750 Year Old Polish Oak Tree, “The Brave Oak,” Burned by Van

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750 Year Old Polish Oak Tree, “The Brave Oak,” Burned by Van

Post by Lucas » Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:29 pm

http://neveryetmelted.com/2014/11/19/75 ... by-vandal/


750 Year Old Polish Oak Tree, “The Brave Oak,” Burned by Vandal


Dąb Chrobry, “the Brave Oak” in 1967.

An ancient oak tree, known as “the Brave Oak,” growing near the nature reserve Buczyna Szprotawska in Lower Silesian Forests around Piotrowice was damaged yesterday by fire. It was most likely deliberately set on fire from the inside. The tree germinated around 1250 and was the largest surviving Polish oak tree, the third largest in Central Europe. Centuries ago,it marked the border between two Polish principalities.

The spread of its crown was approximately 52.5′ (16 m). It was approximately 92′(28 m) high and had a trunk circumference of 33′ (10.10 m). Its diameter at breast height was 10 1/2′ (321 cm).

Polish news reports asked openly: “What kind of smoldering anger must a man have to do something like that?”

Acorns from the Brave Oak were blessed by Pope John Paul II, April 28, 2004, during a pilgrimage to the Vatican by Polish foresters. The nursery in Poverty bred from them 500 seedlings which were distributed all over the country. Its offspring are consequently known as “Papal oaks.” So seedlings survive, and “the royal oak will not perish forever.” Approximately, 500 “papal oaks” in Poland are trees from the acorns of the Brave Oak.

The tree was declared a natural monument on March 24, 1967, though it was also protected by law before WWII. Its age is estimated at approx. 760 years (germinated approx. 1250 years).
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Re: 750 Year Old Polish Oak Tree, “The Brave Oak,” Burned by

Post by Don » Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:34 pm

I can think of an appropriate punishment, should the arsonist be apprehended...
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Re: 750 Year Old Polish Oak Tree, “The Brave Oak,” Burned by

Post by Larry Tucei » Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:40 pm

Lucas- What a shame to see such a tree killed by some idiot instead of natural causes. This kind of thing seems to be happening more frequent in the last couple of decades. Why don't these people just burn themselves up instead of a harmless tree? That makes me angry they need an ass whippin!!! Then a fine and jail time!!!! %$#@^&%$# Larry

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Re: 750 Year Old Polish Oak Tree, “The Brave Oak,” Burned by

Post by Ranger Dan » Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:07 pm

It's unclear whether the tree is dead. Many trees being adapted to some degree of burning, perhaps it is still living. And if not, if left alone it will stand for many years, no doubt. Though vandalized by fire, to cut it down would be an even more reprehensible act of stupidity. I've seen it happen many times...a noble tree is damaged or dead, and everybody turns into squawking Chicken Littles about how it has to be cut down immediately. There was a great white oak in the yard of my ancestral home that was killed by lightning. After the limbs were cut back, I planted wisteria vines, and it lived a second life as a giant "wisteria tree" for 20 years or more, until idiots cut it down when the house was sold.

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