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Green .Mount Cemetery Montpellier

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:31 am
by adam.rosen
Nearly 14 feet
Nearly 14 feet
This cemetery was laid out in 1855. The memorial speech at its opening refers to "soon to be shaded paths." A history of Montpelier indicates that this hillside and this part of the Winooski valley contained pines like the in New Hampshire, and, had the revolution not occurred, they would have gone to the royal navy. By 1855, there was nothing but open land anywhere around Montpelier.

The second growth pines planted here are some of the larger pines I have seen. They would fit in with the large trees on a college campus or park in Pennsylvania, new York or Massachusetts. I have taken two CBH here, on is close to 14 feet.

It is a very beautiful cemetery. On a steep hill side overlooking the Winooski river, it has a view down the valley. 160 years of Montpelier gentry lay beneath creative and ornate monuments. The paths are lined with pine and maple. The maples are gnarled and getting hoary and interesting, the pines seem to keep on growing! There are a dozen or so lining the original cemetery lay out. The bark has developed that lizard like scaly look that only happens when pines get old.

These trees are 30 years older than the Vermont record holders in marsh billings. They are half as old as the towering old growth in 1680 Grove in Paul Smith's New York. It's fun learning about the extent of second growth forest.

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Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:37 pm
by edfrank
I am happy to see some more tree reports coming out of Vermont. Thanks.

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Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:32 pm
by adam.rosen
I returned to this site with some new equipment--a proper diameter tape and a Hagelof EC D II measuring device. This device is so small that I need to take several measurements and average them. I think when I want the most accurate measurement possible with this device it would be good to meausre the distance with a tape and input that to calculate the height. Any way, I took several measurements from different locations and I'm reasonably confident of my measurements of two of the white pines in this cemetery. I think my original post inaccurately dated the cemetery. I think Greenmont Cemetery was laid out in 1867, not 1855.

White pine #1. CBH 13' 5", 137'8" tall
White Pine #2 CBH 12' 7", 139' tall.

Not the largest or tallest pines in Vermont. Beautiful trees in a serene setting.

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Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:10 pm
by ElijahW

Those are some wonderful pines. You can pick them out easily on Google Earth. I looked up the Haglof clinometer, and it is tiny. I’m curious how it works: is it just a digital clinometer, or does it also have distance measuring function?