1943 College Essay on Cook Forest

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1943 College Essay on Cook Forest

Post by edfrank » Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:26 pm

From Lani Bassett:
"I am a third generation Cook Forest lover. My grandparents, Carl and Ruth Blumer, used to own one of the cabins that Gateway Lodge now owns (I guess they still own them). I think my first visit to Cook Forest was before I was one year old.

Anyway, my mother Marion B. Bassett passed away last year and when we were cleaning out her house I found an old picture of MacBeth's store - probably from the late 30's / early 40's.
http://www.cookforest.com/forestfriends ... s/bassett/

Lanni also shared with us another great find - an essay her mom wrote:
"She must have written this for a college class because she graduated from high school in 1941. The people mentioned are Ed and Chuck Grine and Jack MacBeth. The Mrs. MacBeth is Mary MacBeth (I think that was her name - George's wife)."
http://www.cookforest.com/forestfriends ... /essay.cfm
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