Forest Cathedral-Back 40

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Forest Cathedral-Back 40

Post by djluthringer » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:31 am


On 12/4/09 I took the opportunity to visit a section of the Forest Cathedral I had never visited before. I thought I’d seen every square inch of the place… but there was an obscure section I had never walked before that was sandwiched between two private properties in the vicinity of Jacks Hollow & Cemetery Roads, which from here on out I’ve dubbed the, ‘Back 40’. I’ve driven past it for years, but never got out from the car to investigate. Needless to say, there were a few respectable trees here.

Hemlocks were the oldest and greatest concentration of trees here, along with some fat Am. Beech. White oak and yellow birch should reach some nice ages here as well. Here’s my visual age estimate on the low end of the tree species in the stand:

Species Visual Age Estimate (on the low end)

E. hemlock 300
White oak 200
Am. Beech 200
Yellow birch 200
Cucumbertree 150
Black cherry 150
N. red oak 150
Red maple 150

The yellow birch noted below is the second largest documented in the park. The fat Am. Beech is now the largest known in the park. I never thought I’d find a living beech in Cook Forest greater than 12ft CBH. This one is a dandy with rot through the center. Sadly, it has beech bark disease and may not be standing for much longer. Here’s the day’s tally:

Species CBH Height Comments

Am. Beech 12.2 110.9 largest in park, tac 883, 41 20.696N x 79 12.009W
Am. Beech 7.9 113.6

Am. Chestnut 9.4 28 snag

Black cherry 9.4 115.1

Cucumbertree 8.3 111.1+

E. hemlock 11.5 103.2
E. hemlock 10.5 108.8
E. hemlock 12.3 111.1+ 12x100
E. hemlock 8.2 113.7
E. hemlock 9.6 117
E. hemlock 9.9 124.2

E. white pine 9.1 128.7 boundary tree ~100 years old

N. red oak 9.8 93.1+
N. red oak 9.3 114.1+
N. red oak 10 120+ tac 885, 41 20.574N x 79 11.884W

Yellow birch 8.4 93.6+ 2nd largest in park, tac 882, 41 20.671N x 79 11.782W


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Re: Forest Cathedral-Back 40

Post by edfrank » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:28 pm


You need to send me a map of all the areas you haven't explored so that I can scoop them first.

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