Brock Monument Grove, Queenston ON

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Brock Monument Grove, Queenston ON

Post by tomhoward » Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:03 pm


Brock Monument Grove is a small old growth oak grove at the west end of the park dedicated to Sir Isaac Brock in Queenston, ON. A tall stone monument marks the site of the Battle of Queenston Heights in Oct. 1812 in which British commander General Brock was killed.

On Aug. 21, 2016 Jack Howard and I explored this old growth oak grove in which Canada’s famous Bruce Trail begins. The grove is easily seen from the main highway ON 405. The grove was described by Bruce Kershner in his surveys of the Niagara Peninsula.

The trees do not seem to be very tall, should be under 100 ft., due to the grove’s position on the wind-swept northern edge of the Niagara Escarpment. Some of the oaks look old and gnarly, but not as much as in the old growth North Syracuse Cemetery Oak Grove.

The Brock Monument Grove is diverse with 6 species of oak.

Dominant trees include White Oak, Red Oak (largest trees), Scarlet Oak (looks like neither Red Oak nor Black Oak, but this identification is not positive; leaves are glossy and smaller than Red Oak leaves, and bark is more like Red Oak than Black Oak – Bruce Kershner said that this is the first site in which Scarlet Oak has been identified in Canada), and Sugar Maple.

Associate trees include Black Oak, Bur Oak, Chestnut Oak, Sassafras (plentiful on roadside, some large, none tall), Red Maple, Black Maple, Black Walnut, Butternut, Beech, Black Cherry, Mulberry, Hop Hornbeam, Horsechestnut, dying White Ash.

I counted 160 rings on a 10” radius old oak stump, and 160 rings on a 14” radius old oak stump. I counted about 225 rings on a 9” radius old oak stump.

Possible Scarlet Oak 29” dbh
Big oak – either Red or Scarlet 31” dbh
Red Oak 40” dbh (10.5 ft. cbh), not very old looking, largest tree seen.

Tom Howard

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Larry Tucei
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Re: Brock Monument Grove, Queenston ON

Post by Larry Tucei » Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:10 pm

Tom- Cool historical stuff. I'm always amazed at the slow grow rates of trees in the northern US. Down south the Long Leaf Pine can have super slow growth some are 1/32" a year. Larry

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Re: Brock Monument Grove, Queenston ON

Post by Erik Danielsen » Wed Sep 07, 2016 4:17 pm

The oak diversity scattered in various pockets throughout the eastern great lakes regions is fascinating. Scarlet Oak is one I've been struggling with ever since I moved east to where we have so much oak diversity. With red and black common and hybridizing and pin oak abundant enough to come in many forms, I can't count how many trees I've asked "is this scarlet?" only to determine otherwise. Recently I've gotten pretty solid with reliance on the buds and acorns. Of course, these can be hard to access on big older trees. According to a 2014 paper by Tom Diggins there's actually a lot of scarlet oak on the north rim of Zoar Valley, something I look forward to investigating this winter.

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