Darby and Sandusky Plains Bur Oak Project

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Re: Darby and Sandusky Plains Bur Oak Project

Post by Lucas » Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:39 am

Click on image to see its original size

Some lovely oaks. This one's setting is very nice.
We travel the Milky way together, trees and men. - John Muir

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Matt Markworth
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Re: Darby and Sandusky Plains Bur Oak Project

Post by Matt Markworth » Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:49 pm

Thanks Lucas. The wide-open spaces are definitely a great backdrop for the bur oaks. Here's one more photo of that tree and a couple others.

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Re: Darby and Sandusky Plains Bur Oak Project

Post by Rand » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:52 am

Not really in the plains, but there is a fat old oak in Schwartzkopf Park in Marysville:
oak coord.png
It's located down in a small floodplane on the banks of Mill Creek.

H: 79.5'
cbh: 16' 1"
spread: ~ 70' (36', 40', 30')

Both the height and the spread were a challenge to measure. The tree is relatively flat topped, and I had to go fishing for nested twigs. I found two that were just shy of 80'. There are likely slightly higher ones. The tree is growing right on the edge of Mill Creek, and leaning over it. I took 3 'spoke' measurements CCW around the trunk on dry land. 70' is probably the minimum, while the max is over water, along the same axis as the tree's lean:
Picture of my Dad in front of the trunk:
The tree is still healing the scar of recent lightening strike:
Given the irregularity of the crown it was probably hit significantly once before, a loooong time ago.

Another curiosity is the leaf differences on different pendulous branches, only 10' or so appart:
Classic Bur Oak leaves:
_MG_9142 (1).jpg
vs. an almost White Oak appearance

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