A Sycamore Maple

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A Sycamore Maple

Post by Matt Markworth » Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:02 pm


Here's a sycamore maple that I verified for the Ohio list. The species is native to Europe and western Asia, and is known to naturalize. This tree is in Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, OH.

It's currently 2nd on the list for the species. It was last measured in 2003 as 103" x 60' x 30'. Overall, I've been impressed with the accuracy of the measurements on the Ohio list. My measurements are 108.5" x 57' x 34.5'.
sycamore maple 1.jpg
sycamore maple 2.jpg
sycamore maple 3.jpg
sycamore maple 4.jpg

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