East Branch stroll...

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Steve Galehouse
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East Branch stroll...

Post by Steve Galehouse » Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:22 pm


Oldest son Mitch and I took advantage of the mild weather, and had a nice two hour stroll along the East Branch of the Rocky River---I can't say it was even a hike, since it was all level ground and either paved or on a bridle trail. No height records found or expected, but some interesting trees encountered non-the-less. The most interesting was a sycamore with a significant burl. I usually see burls on oaks, maples, and black cherries, but this was one of the largest I've seen(the chestnut oak burl at Stebbins Gulch was the largest). Here are a couple of pics:

Sycamore with burl, Mitch for scale:
sycamore burl2.jpg
Look at the knobs on that burl! ;)
sycamore burl.jpg
Also visited an "old friend", a swamp white oak measured at 103' x 15' 10'' girth in 2010. These pics give a better impression of the size of the tree.
swamp white oak trunk.jpg
swamp white oak.jpg
I hope to get out a few more times before winter sets in. There are a couple of sites I recently learned of that should hold some nice trees.

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Re: East Branch stroll...

Post by edfrank » Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:12 pm

Steve and Mitch,

Nice Burl

Ed Frank
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