Boston Run, CVNP

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Steve Galehouse
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Boston Run, CVNP

Post by Steve Galehouse » Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:56 pm


Today i visited an area in the CVNP called Boston Run, named after a small stream that flow through it. Most of the woods was visually appealing but without tall trees, with second or third growth the norm. Eventually I got to a ravine area that held some older, taller trees----LiDAR data(from 5 years ago) has hits to 148' in the area, but I didn't survey the area with LiDAR until I returned home. The tallest tree I found was a tulip at 133.2'. Also found: bitternut; 110.9', cucumber magnolia; 110.8', sugar maple; 108.7', mockernut; 106', tupelo; 104.4', bigtooth aspen; 95', slippery elm; 91' and yellow birch at 76'. The canopy is still pretty dense---the excessive rain we've had this season has delayed leaf drop by 2 to 3 weeks, it seems. When leaves are down I'll try to return to take better measurements, and target the tallest LiDAR hits.

133.2 tulip:
104.4' tuplelo
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George Fieo
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Re: Boston Run, CVNP

Post by George Fieo » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:09 am


Great pics and post.

Ever since I've become an NTS member I've been searching/documenting woodlands with the largest/tallest trees. Even though I have documented a few I have sometimes felt disappointment when in a woodlot with trees that are less than 8' in girth and around 100' tall. My mother says that I was born angry. I think it's because I will never see the chestnuts or elms in their full glory or the forest as it once was. I sometimes feel as though I've been cheated or robbed of this natural heritage and left with only the scraps of what the loggers left. I no longer feel this way. Any forest/woodland no matter how young or old that I may pass through is a privilege and have the foresight to see what they could be if given the chance. Sorry for the ramble.

Looking forward to your follow-up report.


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