Huntington Reservation, Bay Village

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Huntington Reservation, Bay Village

Post by Steve Galehouse » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:10 pm


Huntington Reservation is a Cleveland Metropark about a half mile from my home, with a creek running through it that empties into Lake Erie. The park along Lake Erie is a nice sandy beach, while slightly inland is a floodplain woods along with an uplands woods on a bluff above the creek, all second growth at best with some areas planted in a naturalistic manner. There are no really tall trees in the park, 110' being the tallest found, but the unusual association of species makes this area unique----where else might someone find a natural looking woods containing pond pine, Douglas-fir, Scots pine, pin oak, European beech, river birch, and a host of other species? So far I've documented nearly 30 arborescent species, with a total of 40 to come---do we have a Rucker 40 list?
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Re: Huntington Reservation, Bay Village

Post by jamesrobertsmith » Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:49 am

I love walking through a forest filled with so many tree types.

I've only been to the Great Lakes region once and I was amazed at how much the area where I was traveling reminded me of the low country of the South. Not the vegetation, but the lay of the land. Of course it all made sense once I got to the shore of Lake Michigan and looked out on it. This is a lake??!! Made me feel really small and insignificant.

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