Howe's Grove Roadside Park

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Howe's Grove Roadside Park

Post by tsharp » Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:28 am


Leaving Parkersburg, WV and heading west on old US 50, crossing the Ohio River to Belpre, Ohio there is a 3 mile up hill grade that is barely noticed by motorists. Near the top and on the north side of highway there is a nice grove of trees that must have looked inviting to early travelers. There was a hand pump and a watering trough in existence into the late 1930's. After many years of unofficial use it was given to the State of Ohio in memory of George A. Howe for use as an official roadside park. US 50 has since been rerouted and the small park is now owned/maintained by the City of Belpre.
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Driving by one fall day after leaf drop i noticed some knarly crowns and stopped to measure. Certainly no height to speak about but there were a number oaks with personality.
Species measured and listed in descending order by height include:
White Oak, Q. alba, 87.1', 15.5'
Yellow-poplar, L. tulipifera, 86.5, 10.7
Sycamore, P. occidentalis, 81.5, 11.8
White ash, F. americana, 81.2, 7.7
Black Oak, Q. velutina, 77.0,14.6; 75.8, 13.9; 65.0, 12.2; 64.4, 14.1
Pin Oak, Q. palustris, 74.0, 8.1
Red Gum, L. styraciflua, 73.3, 5.7
Red Maple, A. rubrum var. trilobum, 70.9, 8.0
Honey locust, G. tricanthos, 61.4, 7.6
Black Maple, A. nigrum, 56.7, 8.0
RHI 10 = 75.0', RGI 10 = 9.5'
Measured 11/4/2010 with an later stop on 6/9/2011 to verify the Red Maple and discovered the Sugar Maple I had measured was a Black Maple.
The Pin Oak, Red Gum, and Honey Locust were probably planted along with several other species noticed. The other species measured are more consistent of the original forest cover.

Turner Sharp


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