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finding beech

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:59 pm
by Lucas

We are at ground zero for beech canker here. I grew up thinking beech was a sorry tree until I found it looks nothing like that in canker free trees. I thought all beech was affected until I saw recently that 5% or less is resistant. I thought that was too rare for me to see any and didn't look. This weekend I entered our woods where we used to cut wood and saw what looked like clean beech. I found some more looking around including the amazing one in the video. I had no idea trees like that were on my land. There is a more mature hardwoods across the brook that I checked thinking more were to be found there. I saw lots in the under story and a couple of 8-10 inch class ones with partial resistance. Not what I expected. I can see crowns from the hill on the other side so is it possible to id beech crowns through a spotting scope at 400-1000 Meters?