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WNC Arboretum

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:30 pm

I posted under some different headings in the past. I may add those posts when I find them.

I went to check on the loblollies. I didn't hit the top on the two tallest ones. One topped 138' a few years ago. A new find is the tallest known Chinese chestnut. I hadn't noticed it in the past and almost walked right by it yesterday. Fortunately, new sprouts were coming out of the trunk and I noticed the leaves. Three trees grew near one another. The Virginia pines are by the parking lot. They have lost a little height over the years.

Chinese chestnut Castanea mollissima 98.8' 30.11m 80.9' 24.65m

loblolly P. taeda 131.0' 39.92m 130.8' 39.86m 129.9' 39.59m 129.7' 39.53m 126.8' 38.64m 115.8' 35.29m

dawn redwood M. glyptostroboides 125.1' 38.13m 123.9' 37.76m 122.1' 37.21m 120.1' 36.60m
119.9' 36.54m 113.4' 34.56m 109.0' 33.22m

Virginia pine P. virginiana 100.2' 30.54m 97.9' 29.84m

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