Shining Rock Wilderness

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Shining Rock Wilderness

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Sep 26, 2022 11:49 am

Big East Fork Trail

The Big East Fork Trail follows the East Fork of the Pigeon River. I entered a small slope/cove and found one old and large red hickory. The next cove was more developed. Tree heights were very moderate in the heart of the cove but one side section had some respectable heights. The cove is at 3500-3600' elevation. Unfortunately, I blew out a shoe when traversing a particularly rocky section, so I did not continue to the next cove. The cove isn't quite Northern hardwood but it has many of the Northern hardwood species. I suspect a few coves further upstream will be Northern hardwood forest.

tuliptree L. tulipifera
134.9' 41.11m 132.7' 40.44m

red hickory C. ovalis
128.6' 39.19m 120.7' 36.79m

pignut hickory C. glabra
120.5' 36.72m 119.2' 36.33m

bitternut hickory C. cordiformis
118.0' 35.96m 112.4' 34.26m 111.6' 34.01m

white ash F. americana
117.3' 35.75m 116.0' 35.35m

black cherry P. serotina
114.6' 34.93m

black locust R. pseudoacacia
121.9' 37.15m 118.8' 36.21m

white basswood T. heterophylla
120.5' 36.72m

sugar maple A. saccharum
119.3' 36.36m 116.3' 35.44m 113.4' 34.56m

yellow buckeye A. flava
104.9' 31.97m

cucumbertree M. acuminata
112.4' 34.26m

white oak Q. alba
115.5' 35.20m

chestnut oak Q. montana
111.4' 33.95m

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Re: Shining Rock Wilderness

Post by dbhguru » Mon Sep 26, 2022 1:00 pm


Fine reports. Thanks for keeping the BBS from needing to be put in a retirement home.

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