Weymouth Woods, Boyd Old Growth Tract, Pinehurst, NC

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Weymouth Woods, Boyd Old Growth Tract, Pinehurst, NC

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Oct 25, 2021 12:25 pm

I didn't get to the primary spot for Weymouth Woods, but I got to the old growth tract nearby. The longleaf pines have been dated to 450 years. Other species included shortleaf pine, post oak, turkey oak, blackjack oak, black oak, S red oak, dogwood, holly, redcedar, and mockernut hickory. Black oak is the dominant species but the longleafs are second most common and easily steal the show. Several top 3' diameter.

longleaf pine P. palustris 102.9' 31.36m 101.1' 30.81m

shortleaf pine P. echinata 103.7' 31.60m

turkey oak Q. laevis 58.7' 17.89m

blackjack oak Q. miralandica 50.8' 15.48m 42.6' 12.98m 41.2' 12.55m

S red oak Q. falcata 74.3' 22.64m

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