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New York State Thruway Parking Area - west of exit 33

Posted: Sat May 08, 2010 1:27 pm
by tomhoward

I'm enclosing updated reports on a few central NY sites including Beaver Lake Nature Center, Green Lakes State Park, Wizard of Oz Oak Grove and other North Syracuse sites, and a parking area on the NYS Thruway in Madison Co. that my brother and I visited on our way back from southern New England:

New York State Thruway Parking Area Westbound Lane, west of Exit 33 (in Madison Co., NY) 4/29/2010

On our way back from New England Jack Howard and I stopped at this small site of impressive trees which seems to be a remnant of old Hardwood Wetland Forest. It is mainly a small grove of impressive forest-grown Silver Maples averaging over 30” dbh.
Trees measured:
Silver Maple 36.8” dbh
Silver Maple 32.8” dbh
Silver Maple 34.4” dbh
Silver Maple 31.4” dbh 94.5 ft. tall
Silver Maple 30.9” dbh 110 ft. tall – tallest tree seen; dense canopies made height measurement difficult on some of these trees and there are certainly others over 100 ft. tall.
Silver Maple by fence 37.1” dbh, 87 ft. tall, top blown off some time ago
Silver Maple behind fence 99 ft. tall
Silver Maple behind fence 100 ft. tall
White Ash 35.1” dbh 99.5 ft. tall
There is also some American Elm.
The biggest tree on the site is an open-grown Swamp White Oak at the western end of the parking area : 52.2” dbh, 81 ft. tall.
These trees are easily over 100 years old and are the largest trees we saw on our trip to New England, ironically right here in central NY.

Tom Howard

Re: New York State Thruway Parking Area - west of exit 33

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 2:47 pm
by edfrank

I have read all of your posts concerning your trip and forest finds. Thanks for posting them. I just don't have any specific comments to make except to encourage you to keep writing and posting them.


Re: New York State Thruway Parking Area - west of exit 33

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:13 pm
by tomhoward

On our way back from Pack Forest, Elijah Whitcomb and I made a brief survey of this site, which I reported on in 2010. Most of the large trees of this wetland site are Freeman Maples (hybrid of Red Maple with Silver Maple), rather than the Silver Maples, which I thought they were in 2010. They are tall, single-trunked trees in groups scattered in the Rest Area lawn. They are probably about 100-150 years old, and average about 100 ft. tall. It is a swampy site. There is also at least one large Green Ash.

I measured the heights of the following trees: Freeman Maple by fence, eastern part of site: 100 ft., and Freeman Maple in western part of site, 25” dbh, one of the smaller ones in diameter (others of similar height around it): 105.6 ft.

It was getting dark so we could measure no more heights.

The largest tree on this site is at the western end, an open-grown single-trunked Bur Oak , 53.4” dbh. (It is a Bur Oak, not Swamp White Oak as reported in 2010.)

Tom Howard