Liverpool School Maple Grove Jan. 2015

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Liverpool School Maple Grove Jan. 2015

Post by tomhoward » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:18 pm


On mild (50 degrees F) Sun. Jan. 4, 2015, Elijah Whitcomb and I measured the heights of several trees in the old growth Liverpool School Maple Grove and old growth Wizard of Oz Memorial Oak Grove in North Syracuse. The Liverpool trees are taller than any trees in the 2 old growth oak groves of North Syracuse. These are the measurements from the Liverpool Maple Grove:

Sugar Maple: we came up with 116-117 ft. from various sides of the great champion Sugar Maple (54" dbh, craggy, ancient giant) so we did not hit the highest point of this great old tree's complex crown (highest point from straight up shot is over 118 ft.). I measured another Sugar Maple to 115.5 ft., typical of the towering trees right near the paved trail that runs across the northern half of the grove.

Red Maple: a tree just south of the western part of the paved trail that I measured to 124.9 ft. and tentatively identified as a Red Maple in Aug., was confirmed to be a Red Maple Jan. 4. At 124.9 ft. it is the tallest Red Maple I know of in NY State, breaking the record of 119.1 ft. set by a tree in Zoar Valley in 2003. On Jan. 4 the best I could get from this Red Maple was 122.1 ft., which means I almost certainly did not measure the highest part of this old tree's complex crown, but even 122.1 ft. is enough for a state height record. We speculated that this tree might be a Freeman Maple, but Freeman Maple has never been seen in the Liverpool Grove; if this is a Freeman Maple, 124.9 ft. would be enough to tie it with the 125 ft. Freeman Maple in Fuertes Bird Sanctuary in Ithaca.

Bitternut Hickory: 123.3 ft., measured by Elijah, tallest Hickory in northern Onondaga County

Shagbark Hickory: a real story here - the Liverpool Maple Grove has a small stand of huge ancient Shagbark Hickories in its swampy northwest corner. They are spectacular trees, with shags several feet long peeling off lofty trunks. I measured 2 Shagbarks right next to each other to 118.4 - both of these are the tallest Shagbark Hickories I know of in NY State. The smaller of these trees was measured by Robert Henry in 2010 to 117 ft. The bigger tree (32.8" dbh, with very little taper on tall trunk) was not measured till Jan. 4, 2015. The biggest Shagbark is at the grove's northwest corner. Elijah stepped out of the grove and got a height of 112.4 ft. on this giant 43" dbh tree - it is the largest Hickory I've ever seen, and may be the largest Shagbark Hickory in NY State. It was even larger before a massive limb came down from its crown recently. I measured the much smaller Shagbark next to it to 107.3 ft.

White Oak: Grove has only 1 tree, by paved trail in northwest: 96.3 ft., 34.8" dbh

Basswood: 103.1 ft. north of paved trail - Basswood in this grove is not very large.

Yellow Birch: 74.4 ft., 63.7 ft., measured by Elijah

Tom Howard

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