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Onondaga Lake Bioblitz Sept. 2014

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:45 am
by tomhoward

The Syracuse Post-Standard Sept. 18, 2014, has an article about SUNY ESF's Onondaga Lake Bloblitz. Dr. Leopold of SUNY ESF was one of the leaders, and one of his top discoveries was oaks and white pines over 200 years old and possibly 300 years old near Long Branch Park. Dr. Leopold said that these are some of the most beautiful and largest oaks and white pines he's seen in central NY.

I wonder where these trees are. I know of many large old (over 200 years) oaks at Long Branch, but where are the white pines? This is something Elijah Whitcomb and I need to look into.

Tom Howard