American Hornbeam

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Re: American Hornbeam

Post by morgan » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:10 am

Does anybody feel like measuring this tree again? Every 10 years it gets dropped from the list unless it gets remeasured, due to the American Forestry Association's 10 year rule. The tree was last officially measured in 2010 (see thread) and even though it took many years for NY to get it listed nationally, the measurements are already 9 years old, and the tree might be much larger now. See the thread for how much it has grown since 1975 when it was first declared champion. Plus, there is the issue of measurement below the first major branch, which might give it quite a few more points of girth. See the thread.

The tree is at 230 Milton Turnpike in Milton, NY, 12547. In back of the house is the Hudson Valley Sports Dome which is part of the same property, you can just call the dome, the owner of the dome (and the house and the tree) is Mr. and Mrs. Pizza (pronounced Pisa, forgot their first names). They will be happy to help you measure the tree.

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