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Post by edfrank » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:34 pm ... w_york.htm

Field trips ... 9c3f?hl=en
A "Weeping" Elm #2 ... 8f57?hl=en
A "Weeping" Elm Here is a photo
of a very wonderfully shaped American elm at the Bement-Billings Farmstead
in Newark Valley, NY. We have had dozens of elm trees grow and die along the
creek, but this one has maintained its resistance to Dutch elm disease. We
had New York State's largest elm for about two years. Shortly after it was
placed on the big tree... ... 8f57?hl=en
more » Mar 12, 2010. ... 09de?hl=en
Syracuse Baldcypress ENTS, I
believe that the baldcypress grove referred to by Joe Zorzin is in Oakwood
Cemetery in Syracuse. I remember seeing it years ago. Tom Howard Mar 9,
2010. ... 5ffe?hl=en
North Syracuse Cemetery Oak Grove
ENTS, Yesterday Robert Henry and I visited the North Syracuse Cemetery Oak
Grove. It was a beautiful sunny day with still lots of snow on the ground.
The old oaks were an awesome sight with their gnarled crowns reaching high
into the crystal clear blue sky. Despite many visits to this grove, we are
both as awestruck by it as if we were visiting it the first time. This grove
has more old trees close together than any other old growth forest we've
ever seen in the East, even more than in Zoar Valley. The oaks of the
Cemetery Grove are older than the oaks of the nearby Wizard of Oz Oak Grove,
have more stag-headed crowns, more gnarl factor, more crown reiterations
than the Wizard of Oz Oak Grove oaks.... ... 5ffe?hl=en
more » Mar 7, 2010 ... 99d5?hl=en
North Syracuse Woods 2 ENTS, Here
is more about the North Syracuse Woods of my childhood. The dominant trees
were Red Maple and Black Gum (outside of North Syracuse a rare tree in
central NY but in the brushy second growth areas of the woods it was
everywhere) with Quaking Aspen dominating in groves that we called "Poplar
Groves" - these groves were the most important features of the landscape.
The terrain was flat except for hills that were made when a long drainage
ditch was dug in the far part of the woods; we called this ditch the "Krik"
and it represented the wild back of beyond to me as a child; it was a
jungle-like area with trees a little larger than in most of the rest of the
woods.Beyond the Krik was a "wilderness" that extended to a farmer's field -
it was in this area where the giant Black Willow was. This whole landscape
has vanished to be replaced by an industrial park and houses.... ... 99d5?hl=en
more » Mar 5, 2010. ... c065?hl=en
North Syracuse Woods ENTS, Like
James Parton I had a magical woods to explore in childhood; the woods was
right behind the house where I grew up on the east side of North Syracuse.
It covered almost 90 acres and was basically an abandoned farm and apple
orchard with open fields, groves of Quaking Aspen and Red Maple, and a few
isolated groves of Sassafras. It was here that I learned how to identify
trees, but even more, it was a fabulous place to explore, to have magical
childhood adventures in, to pretend I was living through many early periods
of history, to search for hidden treasure, to imagine that trees could talk
to me. This was all many years ago and what's left of the woods has been
turned into housing developments and an industrial park, and the less than
30 acres left is mostly young second growth forest.... ... c065?hl=en
more » Mar 4, 2010. ... dc3e?hl=en
NYC Parks exhibit ENTS, Just
found out there is an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York on the
parks and wilderness of NYC! There hasn't been an exhibit like this here
since the 1930s. I'm going to check it out today. Definitely a positive sign
that city dwellers are appreciating what scraps of nature we have here in
the city.... ... dc3e?hl=en
more » Feb 19, 2010. ... 77b3?hl=en
NY in the Fall links to a few
pics that I've uploaded (insanley huge backlog): all taken in Harriman State
Park (located just barely north of the NJ border), the park has a couple of
heavily developed areas and a number of paved roads but also many
unfragmented chunks, multi-thousand acre in size White Pines along the edge
of one of the many, many lakes in the park:... ... 77b3?hl=en
more » Feb 7, 2010. ... 6547?hl=en
cold hike in the Catskills Took a
quick trip up to the southern Catskills on Saturday for a verrrrrrrry cold
hike. Here's a link to a video of images - has the very original title
"Cold" as that is my chief memory along with the beautiful forms made by the
ice and swirling water of a brook.
Jenny... ... 6547?hl=en
more » Feb 1, 2010. ... 587e?hl=en
+0 Central Park Wildlife January 5, 2010 ... 9495?hl=en
North Syracuse Update January 2, 2010 ... 486c?hl=en
Central Park under snow Vidoe January 2, 2010 ... 9951?hl=en
Central Park in the Snow Video Dec 20, 2009 ... c739?hl=en
Wizard of Oz Oak Grove December 16, 2009 ... ef5e?hl=en
Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Tree Collage
December 16, 2009 ... 806c?hl=en
North Syracuse Cemetery Oak Grove Summary
December 12, 2009 ... 744b?hl=en
North Syracuse Cemetery Oak Grove Photo December 12, 2009 ... 42a6?hl=en
Onondaga County Old Growth pictures December 12, 2009 ... 4a82?hl=en
North Syracuse Cemetery Oak Grove photo December 12, 2009 ... faf0?hl=en
Green Lakes SP, NY black maples December 8, 2009 ... 03c0?hl=en
North Syracuse Cemetery Oak Grove Heights
December 6, 2009 ... fbbb?hl=en
My Adirondack experiences December 6, 2009 ... 8ed1?hl=en
+0 Wizard of Oz Oak Grove Height Update December 5,
2009 ... ec78?hl=en
NY Botanical Garden - music video visit December 1, 2009 ... 38b5?hl=en
Elders Grove - Old Growth White Pines, Adirondacks
December 1, 2009 ... 226a?hl=en
Inwood Hill Park, Manhatten, NYC, NY Nov. 30,
2009 ... 1ddc?hl=en
Liverpool Maple Grove and North Syracuse Trees
Nov. 30, 2009 ... cb92?hl=en
Central Park 11/27/09 Nov 28, 2009 ... 8c41?hl=en
Beaver Lake Nature Center Nov. 24, 2009 ... cf78?hl=en
Beaver Lake Nature Center, NY Nov. 23, 2009 ... 06be?hl=en
Tallest Trees in NY Girth Nov. 22, 2009 ... 7e47?hl=en
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The Catskills Team Oct. 26, 2009 ... ebac?hl=en
+0 Kaaterskill High Peak, Catskills 0 -
More Mountain Magic Oct. 26, 2009 ... e5d2?hl=en
Plateau Mountain Magic Catskills - Oct. 25, 2009 ... 4dc9?hl=en
Twisted yellow birch Catskills - Oct. 25, 2009 ... bebd?hl=en
Even more Plateau Oct. 25, 2009 ... 7b03?hl=en
Catskills Oct. 25, 2009 ... 4b9e?hl=en
More Catskills Oct. 25, 2009 ... 16ae?hl=en
Plateau Mtn, Catskills Oct. 25, 2009 ... 38c9?hl=en
Will this tree survive the woodpeckers? Oct. 21, 2009 ... 261e?hl=en
The Exciting World of Tree Barks! NYC Video -
December 22, 2009 ... ac8c?hl=en
"Tree Museum" in the Bronx August 30, 2009 ... ge_nyc.htm
Central Park Storm Damage, NYC - August 19, 2009 ... lls_ny.htm
Giant Ledge Catskills NY August 14, 2009 ... e_1981.htm
Adirondack Fall Foliage 1981 August 6, 2009 ... _video.htm
Adirondacks Old Growth Hike Video Clips July 31, 2009

Storm Knocks Down Trees in Central Park, NYC ... /?emc=eta1 ... /?emc=eta1

East Village Pears ... pears.html ... pears.html
July 29, 2009 ... end_ny.htm
Catskill Weekend NY July 26, 2009 ... ksites.htm
Adirondack sites July 17, 2009 ... lls_ny.htm
Catskills, NY July 14, 2009 ... ods_NY.htm
Kennedy Park Woods, North Syracuse, NY July 2009 ... ove_ny.htm
Wizard of Oz Oak Grove, NY Rucker Girth Index and Ages July 4, 2009 ... erness.htm
Ha-de-ron-dah Wilderness, Adirondacks, NY July 1, 2009 ... sswood.htm
Liverpool Maple Grove Basswood ages, NY June 28, 2009 ... ata_ny.htm
Green Lake SP Age Data, NY June 27, 2009 ... _grove.htm
Brewerton oak grove, Onondaga County, NY June 27, 2009 ... -clark.htm
Clark Reservation State Park, NY June 21, 2009 ... ral_ny.htm
Central New York Sites June 14, 2009 ... ington.htm
Washington Square Park, NYC May 24, 2009 ... inwood.htm
Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan, NY May 12, 2009 ... cherry.htm
49 inch Girth Black Cherry, Orchard Park, NY. May 04, 2009 ... ago_og.htm
Onondaga County Old Growth, NY March 19. 2009 ... nybg01.htm
New York Botanical Garden/Bronx Forest Trees March 1, 2009 ... nybg02.htm
Early succession in the dead Hemlock Grove, NYBG, NY April 08, 2009

Brooklyn Osage Orange ... 7588?hl=en
April 20, 2009

Whats the Story? (Mulberry) ... d634?hl=en
April 18, 2009

Bald Cypress in Central park, NYC ... 6194?hl=en
April 14, 2009

Olean Times Herald: No commercial timber cutting in Allegany
State Park" by Kirk Johnson April 5, 2009 ... 7167?hl=en ... 7167?hl=en

Hemlock view 1906/2009 NYBG ... 2da9?hl=en

March 26, 2009
Champion Big Trees at NYBG? ... 1ea4?hl=en

March 25, 2009 ... ago_og.htm
Onondaga County Old Growth, NY March 19, 2009

Manhattan Tree Killer ... 8980?hl=en
March 16 2009

HWA in Finger Lakes District ... c90a?hl=en
March 12m 2009 ... worth2.htm
Letchworth SP east side; Bizarre White Pine <span id="thread_subject_site1
March 7, 2009

Sugar maple NY botanical. ... 2b46?hl=en
March 1, 2009 ... nybg02.htm
Early succession in the dead Hemlock Grove, NYBG, NY April 08, 2009 ... e_park.htm
Letchworth State Park
January 28 2009

Oneida Tree ... 97c9?hl=en ... 97c9?hl=en
Jan 2009 ... _mills.htm
Powder Mills Park, NY January 25, 2009 ... n_down.htm
Tuliptree being Taken Down at Vasser Jan 2009 ... high07.htm
Adirondacks High July 2007 ... _peaks.htm
Adirondack High Peaks August 2008 ... acks06.htm
Adirondacks Oct 2006 ... survey.htm
Adirondacks Oct 2003 ... k_high.htm
Adirondack High, NY Aug 2006 ... ndacks.htm
Adirondacks - PBS Program May 2008 ... untain.htm
Balsam Mountain, Catskills, NY Oct 2006 ... ord_ny.htm
Bedford and North Salem Big Trees Sept/Oct 2007 ... ock_ny.htm
Beech-Hemlock Forest May 2005 ... mstead.htm
Bement-Billings Farmstead July 2003 ... _birch.htm
Black Birches (60 miles north of NYC) Oct 2007 ... n_park.htm
Bowdoin Park May 2005 ... alo_ny.htm
Buffalo - big Sycamore March 2008 ... millus.htm
Camillus, NY Sept 2003, Oct 2003 ... r_scop.htm
The Catskills Sept 2004 ... kills2.htm
Catskills and the Adelgid June 2007 ... gement.htm
Cicero Swamp Wildlife Management Area July 2008 ... s-gale.htm
Curtis-Gale Forest Nov 2002 ... rove06.htm
Elder's Grove, Paul Smith's Nov 2006 ... kes_nf.htm
Finger Lakes National Forest Nov 2006 ... n_lake.htm
Green Lake State Park May 2002 ... ods_ny.htm
Hillside Woods April 2008 ... _areas.htm
Historic Hudson Areas July 2003 ... m_glen.htm
IBM Glen May 2003 ... any_ny.htm
Inland Pine Barrens near Albany April 2008 ... _falls.htm
Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills Nov 2004 ... alls06.htm
Kaaterskill Falls May 2006 ... n_high.htm
Lake Champlain high! Aug 2007 ... hworth.htm
Letchworth State Park Feb 2007 ... e_park.htm
Minnewaska State Park May 2002 ... valley.htm
Newark Valley Champion Trees July 2005 ... ork_og.htm
New York Old Growth Report Nov 2002 ... giants.htm
New York City - Two New York Giants - New York Times Company 2000 ... ord_ny.htm
North Salem and Bedford, NY Sept/Oct 2007 ... _woods.htm
Old Maid's Woods Oct 2007 ... growth.htm
Onondaga County NY Old Growth Nov 2008 ... forest.htm
Pack Forest Aug 2007 ... report.htm
Palmaghatt Ravine Jan 2003, Nov 2003 ... _smith.htm
Paul Smith College/ High Falls Gorge Oct 2005 ... rchard.htm
Pine Orchard, Wells June 2006 ... chard2.htm
Pine Orchard Adirondacks Feb 2007 ... plains.htm
Pine Plains Sycamore Oct 2001 Jost ... camore.htm
Pine Plains Sycamore Nov 2005 ... more06.htm
Pine Plains Sycamore Modeling May 2006 ... s_walk.htm
Poet's Walk on Hudson River, Red Hook May 2006 ... ctuary.htm
RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary July 2003 ... oharie.htm
Schoharie Valley March 2005 ... e_pine.htm
Schroon Lake old white pine May 2006 ... _woods.htm
Smith Woods - David Katz Oct 2006 ... s_team.htm
Southeastern New York ENTS Team Nov 2004 ... county.htm
St. Lawrence County Dec 2004 ... allery.htm
St. Lawrence County - Bradley Burns Gallery Nov 2004 ... uffalo.htm
Sycamore in Buffalo June 2008 ... estate.htm
Vanderbilt Estate Dec 2004 ... e_pine.htm
Wanakena Pine Nov 2007 ... y_oaks.htm
Waverley Oaks Aug 2005 ... welwyn.htm
Welwyn Preserve, Long Island Dec 2004 ... ern_ny.htm
Western New York and Southern Ontario Rambles Sept 2006 ... s_hole.htm
Witches Hole May 2002 ... f_life.htm
World of Life Island White Pine May 2006 ... n_new_.htm
Yates Park: Orchard Park, NY March 2003 ... _picts.htm
Zoar Valley Photos Diggins ... valley.htm
Zoar Valley June, Nov 2002 ... valley.htm
Zoar Valley June, July, Aug, Oct, Nov 2003, May 2004 ... ley_05.htm
Zoar Valley 2005 May 2005 ... ge_act.htm
Bruce Kershner Heritage Tree Preservation and Protection Act Nov 2008 ... r_vall.htm
Legislation to Protect Zoar Valley June 2007 ... _trip1.htm
Chronicles of western trip of Monica and Bob Leverett , July 2006 ... ential.htm
Big Tree Potential Sept 2004

NYSDEC - NY Natural Heritage Program - Ecological Communities
Information New York has community descriptions available at ... cology.htm that
should also be applicable to some of western PA.

New York Natural Heritage Program: Animal, Plant, and Community Guides

Zoar Valley Paddling Club/Friends of the Ancient Forest
"I love science and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awe by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and revigorate it." by Robert M. Sapolsky


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