Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:38 am
by Joe
Kouta Räsänen wrote:Chris,

An addition: The last one of the forests (Ruotsinkylä) is actually not a "normal" managed forest. It is a study forest of the Finnish Forest Research Institute. It is managed (thinning, dead tree removal...), but they leave more tree species growing there than in normal Finnish managed forest.


Kouta, as a practicing forester- though of course I love to read about very large and very tall trees, I also like to read about good forestry practices and I've always understood that Finland has very productive forestry. It might not be of much interest to those who are focused on the very large/tall trees, but if it is productive, it's something I'd like to read more about (and other European forestry too) but I have no access to the forestry literature. I suppose much of it must be on the web.