Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:28 am
by KoutaR
Thanks Ed! Our original estimate including buttresses and branches was 40 m3, so your estimates are about 5-10 m3 larger if we add a few cubes for buttresses and brances. But the percentages are for cylinders whose radii has been derived from CBH, not from girths at heights above the quickly tapering parts of the bases. I suppose the hemlocks also have basal buttresses or otherwise swollen or widened bases, though proably not so large as our spruce? Should we use the CBH (6.71m) or some value between the CBH and 4.8m (like their mean) also for the Biogradska spruce? Above 2.6m (girth 4.8m) the spruce has almost no taper.