Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:37 am
by KoutaR

Still one photo, of the beautiful canopy of old-growth European black pine at the edge of Crna Poda. Also beeches, bottom left.


If the tallest eastern white pine is 188.8 ft = 57.5 m, I think it is taller than the tallest Canary Island pine. I guess 56 m is the actual measurement and 60 m is an approximation. But I am fairly sure there have been remarkably taller Canary Island pines in the past. I have understood there are only two old-growth trees left, growing almost side-by-side at an exposed location. The thicker and lower (~45 m) pine is pictured here: ... flor/3481/

You can find the both pines like this:
1. Search with Google Maps for Vilaflor, Spain.
2. Place the Street View cursor onto the point indicated with blue arrow below.


3. You see the top of the thicker pine over the parking place. You see the taller pine at the location marked with x above.

Yes, I hope I or somebody else can measure the pines sometimes with a laser rangefinder.