Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:28 am
by KoutaR

Indeed, the measurements of Korpel' were not very different. I meant only the height comparison between fir and spruce. I edited the last paragraph a bit.

Due to the time shortage, I made exact measurements only for the trees that were potential site height records. I found the 56.1-meter tree at the beginning of the exploration (before it I measured two 52-meter trees). After that, all the firs were clearly lower, so I only stated "about 54 m", for example. There was also an "about 57 m" Norway spruce, almost next to the 58.1-meter tree. Also, I did not measure DBHs for the trees that were not site height champions, due to the shortage of time. Thus, unfortunately I don't have the list you are asking. But the positive side is that I had time to explore a good proportion of the original reserve.

No tall Ulmus glabra. Only one or two small trees seen.

Yes, there is still much to explore in eastern Europe. I wrote that Slovakia is in Central Europe; it is of course difficult to draw the border between central and eastern Europe. Politically, Slovakia is likely in eastern Europe but geographically in Central Europe, I guess.

Will, thanks for the congrats! I will write C. Earle.