Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:34 pm
by Jeroen Philippona
Hi Kouta,

Nice to see your measurements of Dobrocky prales! The heightmeasurements are not that much different from the old ones from 1964, beech is even very near their 46 m. Very nice you found a new European sine-laser record for Abies alba in the end. Would be interesting if you gave a more complete list of heights and (maximum) girths of the trees you measured. Are there no large Ulmus glabra trees in this forest?
I hope in the near future we can explore some more old growth forests in central and eastern Europe. Even a large part of Perucica still waits for a visit, but also the reserves in Romania.

Bob, what are your tallest Norway spruces at the moment? In the Netherlands it is not native, tallest are 42.4 m (139 ft) tall. These are 140 years old and grow between Douglas firs of up to 50.4 m (165 ft) of the same age, tallest trees in the Netherlands.