Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:53 pm
by KoutaR

Unfortunately, I have nothing that specific. It is easy to find growing curves for Norway spruce. If you search in German, for example, you probably get curves for German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Two examples: ... ig26_2.gif ... ig53_1.gif
In the latter, Fi is Norway spruce (Fichte in German). Ta is European silver fir (Tanne), Lä is European larch (Larix decidua, Lärche) and Bu is European beech (Buche). I think your area is less favorable as the climate is likely more continental.

I have such a feeling that Norway spruce may be capable to reach ~60 m over most of temperate Europe, at least where it is native. Now we know such trees from the Balkans (Slovenia, Bosnia and Montenegro) and Central Europe (Germany and Slovakia). I am sure there would be ~60-meter spruces in many other countries but they simply have too little old forest. In most oceanic Europe, like the British Isles and Netherlands, Norway spruce does not do so well, the max heights being below 50 m. And of course in the boreal zone, it is lower, max. ~45 m.