Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:10 pm
by edfrank
With regard to resizing photos. there are a couple of options. Almost any photo editing program will allow you to resize them. - you can resampe them at a lower quality or change their physical size, or both.

There is a free photo editing program for PC's called Irfanview that can do it for you if you don't have another one on your computer. It can be downloaded at:

To use it once installed, click on the File dropdown menu, Select "open", and then browse for the photo you want to resize.The photo will open in irfanview.

Go to the Image menu and choose "Resize/resample". A menu will pop up. under "set new size" type in the new dimensions. For posting to ENTS I usually set the larger of the two dimensions to 600 pixels. Then click OK.

Then you want to save the file. Under the File menu again choose "Save as" and save the file under a new name. Files should be saved in .jpg format. A quality menu will come up - move the slider to 80% as this is a good quality compromise. Then click the "Save" button. I often will make a second copy of the original photos in another directory, and then edit that second copy so don't accidentally mess up the original photos.

Another option that people sometime do is to open an account on Flickr or Photobucket and then post a link to the ENTS list. Please provide caption information with regard to location and what we are looking at.

If you get more involved in photography there are two programs to consider under $100. The first is Adobe Photoshop Elements. It will do many different things and most of what can be done with the full $600 Adobe Photoshop. I use it sometimes, particularly to stich multile photos together tom make panoramas or tilts. The program I use most often is call ThumbsPlus by Cerious Software. I do 98% of my photo stuff with this program. It serves as an image browser, and organizer, in addition to being a photo editor. It can also batch process photos.