Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:20 pm
by edfrank

Native Tree Society BBS Daily Digest

The ENTS BBS Daily Digest sends a copy of all of the posts made to the ENTS BBS each day in a single email to each subscriber. The subscriptions to the Digest are no longer automatic. Users must specifically opt in to subscribe to the digest.

To subscribe to the Daily Postings Digest:

Go to the User Control Panel. (The button for this page is at the top left side of the page just below the page header on the Index Page.)

On the User Control Page, click on the "Digest" tab. This brings up your options.

In the first Category "Type of Digest wanted" You can subscribe to receive a daily digest. The weekly and monthly options will likely generate a digest too large to be practical, but can also be selected. The best option, in my opinion is to receive the digest daily in HTML format, and you can choose any time of the day to receive the digest.

To unsubscribe from the digest:

Go to the "User Control Panel" (upper left side of index page)
Click on the "Digest" tab

In the first category "Type of digest wanted:"
Select "None"