Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:29 am
by edfrank

I just recived a message fro Don asking the same thing. Many programs hide file information in a a header incorporated invisibly into the image. That is what is preventing you fom makeing the image smaller. These are EXIF and IPTC information. In other situations these are useful as they can contain text fields that include captions, locations and other information. In this situation where you are going for small size they are not needed. See if there is a check box to remove the "file information" when saving, or if ther eis a "Save for Web" option as the latter will typically also delete this information. Below is a guide to accomplishing it with Photosop or Photoshop Elements:

Use square highlight tool (dotted square box in tools on left side)) - change to a square format

File - Image - Crop

Image - resize - check resample image - set width/height 90 pixels - click OK

file - save for web - (can be GIf or a jpg - and here you can play with quality settings) - click OK

give the file a name - click save

Ed Frank