Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:44 pm
by Joe
Joe wrote:
edfrank wrote:NTS

I am currently using the feeds option from Windows Live Mail to get the RSS feeds from the BBS using the RSS link here: feed.php I have the program set to check for new feeds every 15 minutes. It works fine. You get the posts almost as soon as they are posted. To respond to a post compose your message as you would with an email response, click the link in the header that says "view online." This will open up the post in your web browser. Click the Reply button in the post, and cut and paste the response you composed into the the BBS window that opens. Then click submit at the bottom of the composition window. It is a couple of more steps than just hitting the reply button on your email, but it is still simple and easy to do.


Well, I have a better way, I think, to keep track of this BBS. I have a link on my desk top to "unread messsages": search.php?search_id=unreadposts

So, each morning, or whenever, I click on that- then I just choose whichever look interesting. After reading what I want, I go to the main page of the board and click on "mark all messages read" or something like that. This method makes it very easy to keep track without getting 20 or more emails per day- or trying to search the entire BBS for new messages. I'm sure other methods have been discovered, but this method works perfect for me- I get to keep up with the entire board and it's ultra efficent of my time.

by the way, that link I gave actually works though you can't see it all as posted in that message- for some reason only Ed may know, the post only shows part of the full URL, yet it does work