Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:30 pm
by KoutaR
Hi Matt,

That was an interesting paper - thank you! The hypothese, why there are so many small tree species in NZ, is interesting.

So the tree species richness seems to be remarkably higher than in Chile at comparable latitudes, too.

About the NZ - SE Australia comparison: The authors of the paper find 215 tree species in NZ, almost the same as you found (210). They find 232 in Victoria and 141 in Tasmania. If about half of the Tasmanian species are shared with Victoria we end up in approx. 300 species, slightly more than the number of species in the "tree genera" in my comparison (277).

My conclusion of the southern temperate regions would be this like:
- Chile: Low tree species richness
- NZ: High tree species richness
- SE Australia: Very high tree species richness but a remarkable part of that concentrated in two genera

And all of these seem to be well below the Chinese richness.