Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 6:20 pm
by Chris
I guess it comes down to the definition of temperate and how the regions are defined.

To me, a definition of a temperate forest would be were the majority of angiosperms are deciduous. In most cases, I think this would help to limit those subtropical/Mediterranean species from the comparison (I am assuming those "extra" trees in increasingly south China are evergreen).

Some of the regions have larger diversity of habitat (very tall mountains) and that leads to "inflated" numbers, far beyond what you could ever see within a small geographic area. For example, California has anything from subtropical xeric "trees" to alpine tree lines. Obviously, any given forest will have a much, much lower diversity. On the other hand, it is easily to find a given forest that would have a larger percentage of total species in the region in East US region.