Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:23 am
by KoutaR
Thanks all for your compliments and interest!

Larry, I did not see lots of wildlife. I have read there are healthy predator populations but they are of course very difficult to see. I even saw relatively few birds. The outfitter told me there are lots of fish in those lakes; by which standards, I don't know, as I saw few fish-eating birds. Each lake seems to have an own loon couple, I saw some bald eagles, but almost no seagulls. The lakes do also not look productive, with very few water plants. The rich water bird live and grass-filled shores, that I see in Finland, were missing from Quetico.

However, I saw many beavers and once I even paddled a crash with a beaver! On Elisabeth Lake, I suddenly heard a thump, for half a second I thought I had hit a stone, but the "stone" dived into the depths with a loud splash.

The most surprising meeting was a painted turtle. I had not believed there are turtles so far north.