Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:56 am
by dbhguru

Great report. Your experiences support mine in Canada. Naturalists in the parks are very shaky on their interpretations of old growth. Not sure why. Some of the most impressive old growth I've seen in Algonquin Provincial Park occurs on trails that feature other things in the trail brochures. In fact the brochures may not even mention old growth.

The stark, but appealing, north country look with spike-topped white spruce sticking above short hardwoods deceive visitors in terms of their dimensions. Sizes are all scaled down. A 6-foot circumference, 75-foot tall white spruce looks impressive among but that aspect seems to escape notice of many visitors who may not realize that every thing has been scaled down. There are a few places in southern Canada that offer promise of large white pines, but where spruce dominate, the climate is simply too harsh. Canada's big trees are in British Columbia.